About us

DIONYSSOMARBLE-BULGARIA ltd is one of the leading Bulgarian companies working in the area of dimensional stones, part of Pavlidis Marble - Granite.

The company was founded in 1997 and since its activities has been focused in the field of the exploitation and sales of dimensions stones.

Since year 2001, DIONYSSOMARBLE-BULGARIA Ltd. is in possession of concession rights for exploitation of Vratza lime deposits – Dionysso 1 & Dionysso 2. 

At present, DIONYSSOMARBLE-BULGARIA LTD. exports more than 90% of its production to China, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary. 

We continue our efforts in prospecting and searching for new stone materials in Bulgaria. Since august 2004, Dionyssomarble Bulgaria is member of Bulgarian Mining Chamber. For the managing staff, one of our most valuable investments are the people. With the aim to achieve higher quality and to satisfy our client's demands, we hire brains and talent specialist. Meanwhile, we constantly put efforts in the education of our staff by ensuring to them close contact with domestic and foreign specialists - to learn more from their rich experience. 


The head office of the company is located at Sofia city.

Quarry Dionysso 1 is located near Varbeshnitsa village - district of Vratza. The quarry is at 16 km from Vratza and 13 km from Mezdra (road E 79 Sofia - Vidin)

Quarry Dionysso 2 is located near Gorna Kremena, Vratsa region.





DIONYSSOMARBLE BULGARIA carries out its activities in agreement with the latest mining technologies. That is why we can face the latest ecological requirements. Our primary objective is by the mining technology to obtain maximum use of the produced stone and in the same time to preserve the environment from pollution. In the mining process no hazard dust and gas emissions are emitted. Leading Bulgarian specialists has developed a project for the re-cultivation of the damaged area. We strictly apply this project in our operational process.