The deposits

The deposit Dionysso 1 covers area of 0.6 km² and has calculated reserves of 440 000 m³ of Vratza limestone with option to enlarge them up to 1 400 000 m³.

Presently we lead exploitation works on seven working benches and one more bench is in process of formation.

The deposit Dionysso 2 covers area of 0.25 km² and has calculated reserves of more than 1.000 000 m³ of Vratza limestone.

The output for year 2001 was 2228 m³. The quarries are developed into the north bed of Mezdra syncline, which is formed of upper cretaceous maestrichtian age calciferous rocks. The limestone is defined as micritic to biomicritic, calcitic with relatively high content of SiO2.

The quarries have capacity of 14 000 m³ gang saw blocks per year.

The basic method of mining is cutting with diamond wire saws. We are in possession of 25 diamond wire saws Benneti. We use also frontal loaders, excavators and dumpers Volvo, Caterpillar & Komatsu.

Quarry Dionysso 2 - Gorna Kremena

Quarry Dionysso 1 - Varbeshnitsa village